Curtain Repairs & Alterations

Curtain Clean provide curtain repairs and alterations at reasonable prices. When curtains are cleaned Curtain Clean takes care of minor repairs as part of the cleaning process. Items such as replacing the side tags, resewing of broken pleats in the heads, un-stitched hems, little wounds in the curtains and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Curtain Repairs & Alterations

Curtain Repairs & Alterations

  • Sun damaged sides
  • Broken head tape
  • Replacement linings (poly-cotton, thermal or block-out to suit your needs)
  • Shortening
  • Repairs to tears, holes, burns, etc. provided there is sufficient material

We use James Dunlop fabrics for our re-lines. 





PLEASE NOTE: We will not undertake any repair work on dirty curtains for contamination purposes.

Cost of Repairs

As each type of repair is different we are unable to give a standard price. Once we see a curtain and have all the required information we can then do so. We will communicate this to you before we commence if required.



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