Sending Curtains

Sending Curtains to Curtain Clean

Curtain Clean has Agents in many areas. For our curtain cleaning service in your local area, select your area under “Find Your Local Agent”.

If we don’t yet have a local agent in your area, curtains can either be be couriered or brought into Curtain Clean.

You can use your preferred courier – or we can arrange for your parcels to be picked up and brought to us.


Curtain Clean
17 Alach Street, Greerton
Tauranga 3112


Packing Curtains for Sending

  • Hooks and pins should be left in the curtains. If you have already taken them out, put them in a small bag and include them in the parcel
  • Curtains should be packed into card board boxes, not too tightly, or wrapped in plastic. Thermal curtains could be lightly powered with talcum powder on the thermal side (to prevent sticking) and folded lightly
  • Roman Blinds should be sent with the wooden rail,  blind intact, strings still in the blind. If the blinds are longer than 2.4m, normal couriers will not handle them. You can contact us by phone or email for assistance with these and we can arrange for our couriers to bring them to us
  • Packages can be up to 15kg per box or bag / no more than 2.4m long
  • Long parcels can be wrapped in plastic (heavier plastic is good). If there are bits that could be broken in transport wrap them well to protect them
  • Curtains sent to us by courier will be returned the same way unless otherwise arranged.
  • If required we can advise a price, by email, on receipt of the curtains and before cleaning. Any estimates given by phone or email prior to measuring are just that and confirmed prices can only be available after measuring. If you require this price confirmation please indicate with your other information.
  • There is a courier charge to pick items up via courier. The cost is charged to Curtain Clean and will be charged to your cleaning Invoice.
  • Please include a fact sheet with your information including contact numbers and email address. Please also include any information that you consider relevant to the curtains; e.g. Animal hair, wine or food spillage, previous spray cleaners, etc. Any information will assist us in the cleaning of the curtain.


 Arranging for a parcel pickup via Curtain Clean


Freight is charged to Curtain Clean and will be charged to your Cleaning Invoice.

Courier costs:

  • Auckland, Bay Of Plenty, Waikato: $11.00 per parcel up to15kg
  • South of Taupo to Wellington, Napier, Wairarapa, Palmerston North, Wanganui: $15.00 up to 15 kg
  • Rural: extra $8.00
  • South Island: Send us an Email
    Courier Insurance is included. Courier charges will be charged to your account under Freight.
Here are two printer icons. One will print an address label for your parcel and the other an information sheet.
Please fill in the info form and put the sheet in with the parcel. More details rather than less.



Once you have packed the curtains into a box suitable for a courier then let us have these details by email.

  1. Number of parcels.
  2. Where to pick up the parcels from. e.g. front porch (not available for rural at this time)
  3. Contact details at pickup address and for yourself if different including your email address
  4. Place address to return the curtains to
  5. Time when the parcels are/will be ready for pickup

We will action the pickup when we get your email with all the information. If you prefer, call us on 0800 579 0501 to give us the details.

When we receive the curtains we will contact you with confirmation.


Long Parcels over 2.4m / Roman Blinds / Long blinds / Heavy parcels (over 25kgs)

For parcels that are longer than 2.4m or heavier than 25kg, PBT require that these are a truck pick up.
The freight cost per truck pickup is a minimum of $40.00 per pickup. This will be charged to your Invoice under Freight.
We require that same details as above plus an estimate of the cubic size, and an estimate of the weight.

It does not need to be accurate, but a reasonable estimate. Freight is charged on these parameters and PBT will check weigh and measure the freight.

To work out the m3:

  • Height of parcel x width of parcel x length of parcel
  • Make sure you get the decimal point in the right places



Repairs to Curtains

If you require alterations to the curtain(s) or specific repairs made please include this information on the fact sheet.

If you require new linings on the curtains, please tell us what type of lining and we will advise you of the price before proceeding.

All work will need to be paid for before return, either by cheque or direct debit to our bank account.

The account number is included on any invoice we send via Email.
An email will be sent to you once the curtains have been priced and the curtains will be dispatched on payment.


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