Guarantees & Disclaimers

Curtains are made with many varied fabrics that have been exposed to environmental situations such as sun damage & handling during use (sometimes for many years). For this reason it is not possible to give any guarantees about shrinkage, stretching, dye loss/colour loss, dye run, compromised material, damaged thermal, or block-out lining.

These things are inherent in fabric used for curtains. Most curtains have no care labels and these are often wrong when they do.

Curtain Clean cannot take responsibility for damage caused by prior application of various cleaning products, spillages of drinks or other splashes, nor the damage that may have been caused. Much of this damage does not become apparent until the curtain is being washed.
It is advisable to tell Curtain Clean if you know if something has been on the fabric. The team inspects the curtains looking for possible damage.

We cannot guarantee to remove all stains, especially permanent stains such as paint. However we will do our best to do so.


When shrinkage occurs in fabrics, Curtain Clean does our best to ensure our customers curtains are returned to the length at which they were received. (Provided that sufficient hem is available to do so and the material is suitable.) Curtain Clean are unable to test for shrinkage, but 3-5% is the usual manufacturers warning.

Some fabrics such as Natural and Linens can be greater. It is not possible to stop shrinkage but many fabrics have no shrinkage at all. It is not possible to fix shrinkage on Roman Blinds.

While Curtain Clean takes utmost care, the team cannot always make your curtains new again. However – we will give it a good try.