Looking for professional curtain cleaning?

Give your curtains & blinds a new life and gain healthier living with Curtain Clean.


At Curtain Clean, we specialise in restoration and mould removal of:
Curtains and Drapes
(Thermals, Silk, Velvet, Taffeta, Linen, Interlined, Nets, Sheers + more)
➤ Roman Blinds
➤ Duets, Verosol & Silhouette Blinds
➤ Vertical Blinds
➤ Venetian & Wooden Venetian Blinds
➤ Austrian Blinds
➤ Roller Blinds
➤ Stage Curtains

Curtain Clean is a leading name in curtain and blind cleaning.
We make your curtains and blinds hygienic, thereby saving you and your loved ones from health hazards.

We achieve a result that far exceeds normal dry-cleaning, using processes that ensure an amazing result, and a longer life for your curtains. We have been in business for over twenty years, and have successfully served both residential and commercial clients.

No solvents are used. Each Curtain and blind is carefully assessed before being hand-washed at our local workshop and naturally air-dried.

Curtain Clean are also able to make replacement linings and complete moderate alterations to your curtains.

Curtain Clean has agents all over the North Island who can arrange for the cleaning of your curtains and blinds.

If you need assistance with taking down and rehanging, those agents can arrange this for you.

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Things to consider:

 Curtain cleaning can result in a degree of shrinkage.
We take measures ensuring your curtains are returned to you at the same length, at no additional cost.
Thermal backings & linings affected by UV rays may be too fragile to clean.
Curtains require careful hanging in order to dry correctly.
We use purpose built facilities.
Stains require specific treatments and careful handling so not to degrade the material.
Our experience team always inspect your curtains for damage prior to cleaning.
Once cleaned, regular maintenance will extend the life of your curtains & drapes.


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