Blind Pricing

Roman Blinds

Roman Blind

Roman blinds consist of a length of material which, when drawn up, gathers into horizontal folds from the bottom.

Roman Blind Prices 1

Let the blinds down to the bottom of their strings and measure the width and height. If you don’t have measurements, choose a larger size to be sure of your price.

Cleaning includes retagging and new eyelets where required. Re-stringing and replacement parts are extra.

Venetian Blinds


Wooden Venetians

Venetian blinds consist of overlapping horizontal, flat slats, usually made of metal, vinyl or wood. They can be tilted so as to let in more or less light.


Venetian Blind Prices 1
  • Replacement Wands – $7.50
  • Other replacement parts TBC.

Please note: Sometimes venetian blinds can lose their paint coating during the cleaning process. This is due to; cooking fumes; coffee fumes from coffee machines; and in some cases poor quality product.

Cedar blinds may be too damaged to clean – they will require prior inspection by our staff.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds consist of slats of stiffened fabric, plastic, or metal hanging by one end from a track; like the horizontal versions, the slats can be rotated 90 degrees to allow light to pass through or to fold up on one side of a door or window.

Vertical Blind Prices 1

Roller Blinds


Roller blinds usually consists of stiffened polyester, mounted on a pole and operated with a chain or spring mechanism.

Roller Blind Prices 2

We also have a range of replacement parts available at an extra cost. Price TBA.

 Honeycomb / Verosol / Duette Blinds

Verosol, duette and silhouette blinds are sheer shades with horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of sheer fabric. The fabric slats tilt and the shades rise up and down with a cord loop.


Verosol Blind


Honeycomb Blind

Roller Blind Prices 2

We also have a range of replacement parts available at an extra cost. Price TBA.

Having trouble?

Feel free to give us a call on 07 579 0501 and we can help you work out which type you have.

All estimated prices are subject to confirmation of Curtain or Blind size and Classification on arrival at Curtain Clean.