Repairs & Alterations

Have you been handed down a pair of family curtains that don’t fit your current windows?
Or have you made a mistake when you’ve ordered a new pair?
You can rest assured Curtain Clean can help with your Curtain and Blind repairs and alterations.


Adjust the Length

This is the most common type of alteration our clients request and it’s one our expert seamstresses will turn around for you in no time. 

Curtain Joining

Sometimes the curtains you purchase simply are not wide enough so you need to purchase two sets and have them professionally joined.

Curtain Repairs

Should your new or existing curtains be in need of any type of repair work call Curtain Clean. There’s almost no type of curtain repair we can’t handle.

Replacement Parts

We stock all types of replacement parts for both curtains and blinds. Ask our tech or a staff member for what you need.

Restringing Blinds

We can re-string dirty, frayed and broken string on roman blinds and venetian blinds.

Curtain Lining

Sometimes you want to add a lining to your curtains to increase their light-blocking or insulation ability, or simply replace sun damaged material. Curtain Clean can do it right.