General questions

Will my curtains shrink?
If a fabric is going to shrink, it will always do this on a first-time clean. At Curtain Clean, our process is very careful, we take precautions to minimize the chances of this happening, but if it does we can typically re-hem the curtains free of charge. If we know that the fabric will shrink, we will advise you prior to cleaning, as well as the options we have to work with.
How long does it take?
You should allow four to five working days from receipt of the curtains at our workshop. We can advise on timing at the time.
Do you clean on site?
No. We clean them at our workshop at 17 Alach Street, Tauranga.
Do we need to book, if we are bringing them to you?
No need to book in — just call in at your convenience, allow 4-5 working days without the curtains, and we will let you know when they are ready for you to collect. Our workshop is open from 8-4.30pm Monday to Friday.
How much for a 3-bedroom house?
We don’t quote by the house lot; it all depends on the size of your curtains. Please use our online calculator to get pricing.
Do you clean other types of window treatments?
There is a wide variety of window treatments used and we can clean most of them. We clean romans, venetians, roller blinds, voiles, sun filters, nets, roller blinds, and even hand-woven fabrics. Each curtain is individually washed with our gentle cold water process. If you are unable to find your window treatment on this site then please call or email us and ask us about the cleaning of the product. Please note we do not give out cleaning advice.


Can you get all the mould out of my curtains?
Yes we can – nearly 100% of the time. However we can’t guarantee 100% stain removal until we see the fabric, and know what the problem is. We have a variety of methods so if one fails, we try something else, until we get the best results we can. Be assured – if our method doesn’t work, nothing will.
Do you re-string Blinds?
Yes we do. Pricing is available under the ‘Blind Cleaning Prices’ tab on the menu.
Do you repair curtains?
Yes, we do. Minor repairs are taken care of as part of our cleaning and curtain care process. Larger repairs are priced separately, if we come across damage that needs a more extensive repair job, we will always contact you first. We can also shorten your curtains and make replacement linings.
I have bought some ready-made curtains that need shortening. Can you do this?
Yes we do. The information we need is the current size and style of the curtain and the amount you would like it shortened by. We can then give you an indicative cost.
Our Roman Blinds are attached to wood. Do we have to dismantle them?
There is absolutely no need to dismantle your blinds – we take care of that.
I would like my curtains rehemmed - is that something you can do?
Yes we do! Clean curtains only.
Can you remove cat spray, dog urine, wine stains, greasy hand marks, nicotine, smoke smell from a fire, road film, and kitchen grease?
Generally – yes we can, most of the time. Some household stains can come out easily, while others may require a more intensive treatment. It is helpful to know what has caused the stains. If our method doesn’t work nothing will.

We cannot reinstate patches of colour where the colour has been destroyed by the offending material. We can deodorize the curtains where they have been tainted by smells such as fire or cooking smells.


How do we pay you?
You will be emailed a quotation once we have seen/measured your curtains/blinds. This quotation will require you to accept before cleaning begins. Payment is required upon collection of curtains. We have EFTPOS in store, or we can email your invoice through to be paid by internet banking.

Other / Misc questions

What causes curtains to go mouldy?
The warmth of the sun causes curtains to warm up and to act like a glass house with the result that any bacteria on the material will thrive in the warmth and humidity around the curtain. Moisture on the window does not cause the mould, although it will contribute to the warmth and humidity around the curtain when the sun heats it up.
Change Roman Blind headrails

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Because curtains are made with so many and varied fabrics and those fabrics have been exposed to all sorts of environmental situations such as sun damage, handling during use, sometimes for many years, it is not possible to give any guarantees about shrinkage, stretching, dye loss/colour loss, dye run, compromised material, and damaged thermal or block-out lining. These things are inherent in the fabric used for the curtains. Most curtains have care labels and these are often wrong when they do.

We cannot take responsibility for damage caused by prior application of various cleaning products, spillages of drinks or other splashes, nor the damage they may cause. Much of this damage does not become apparent until the curtain is being washed. It is advisable to tell us if you know if something has been on the fabric. We do inspect the curtains looking for possible damage. We cannot guarantee to remove all stains, especially permanent stains such as paint, but we will do out best to do so.

When shrinkage occurs, we will do our best to ensure your curtains are returned to the right length at which we received them, provided that sufficient hem is available to do so and the material is suitable. We are unable to test for shrinkage but 3-5% is the usual manufacturers warning. Some, such as Naturals, can be greater. It is not possible to stop shrinkage but many fabrics have no shrinkage at all, including most linings. It is not possible to fix shrinkage on Roman Blinds. Please see our website for more info on Roman Blinds: www.curtainclean.co.nz/FAQs. While we take utmost care we cannot always make your curtains new again. We will give it a good try.

All estimated prices are subject to confirmation of Drape, Curtain, or Blind size and Classification on arrival at Curtain Clean. All prices are for standard curtain construction. Unusual features may have extra costs. (See our website for details – www.curtainclean.co.nz.)
The prices published on our website are for cleaning your curtains and doing minor repairs. Heavily soiled curtains may incur an extra charge due to the time involved. It is not predictable until cleaning is commenced. Where a major repair is required such as repairing the sides, replacing rusty hooks, tears in linings, etc., we reserve the right to charge for that work. The cost will be minor but if it requires more then that, if we have your contact details we will talk to you about it.

More information can be found on our website www.curtainclean.co.nz. If you have any doubts/questions, please ask us either by email (admin@curtaincleaning.co.nz) or phone (0800 579 0501). When contacting us please quote the number on the top of this page. Our mission is to return the curtains to you looking the best we can make them.

We occasionally receive bundles of curtains that when we assess then are not able to be cleaned or are not work the effort for various reasons.
Mostly they are worn out thermals but sometimes it may be the fabric.

Sometimes it may be that the lining may not make the grade and when its priced for the customer they decide to change their curtains.
As you will all understand there is time and effort involved in handling these curtains.

In an endeavor to place the cost burden where it belongs we have decided to introduce a handling fee for such occasions.
The following will be the charges.

Handling Fee: We will have the following charges for handling fees.
Fee 1: A base fee of $50.00 and a fee of $5.00 per curtain for assessment only. That’s covers any unpacking and checking thru the curtains.
To establish if the curtains will make the grade through the process. Plus any freight etc. Where we have sent a quote and its not accepted, then this should apply as we will not have unpicked etc.

Fee 2: When we will have curtains that you look at and know immediately, then the fee should be a minimum charge of $50.00 + Plus freight.
That covers the cost of repacking etc.

Fee 3: If it’s gone further and the curtains have been measured, unpicked etc. and they cancel at that point, then the cost to them should be $50.00 + $15.00 per curtain plus freight.

No fees are payable if cleaning goes ahead as cleaning charges already encompass those costs.


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