Fire Retardant Treatment

Fire-retarding curtain, drape, blind fabric and other Natural Fibre fabrics and items.

Fires in houses spread quickly and are deadly.

You can protect yourself and your family by having your curtains, drapes and blind fabric & other Natural fibre items with our fire-retardant solution.
Fire-retarding curtains, drapes and blind fabric & other Natural fibre with a fire-retardant will slow the progress of the flame and may cause the flame to extinguish.

Many curtain materials are flammable, and contain natural and synthetic fibres. Without fire-retarding, these fibres can and usually do burn.

Curtains can provide a conduit from lower levels to the ceiling. Sources of flame vary from lighters (kids playing), to electric blankets to lithium batteries found in many of today’s devices and cellphones.

Our flame-retardant solution makes the material resistant to burning when it encounters a low-energy ignition source (such as a cigarette lighter or a candle). Curtain Clean can now apply a fire retardant to most curtains, new or old.

We recommend that older curtains are cleaned before application of the retardant because old dust and dirt hinder the fire retarding action. This also allows us to apply the solution as part of the cleaning process.

For Curtain Makers, we can retard the fabric still on the roll. Call us and arrange for the fabric to be sent us for retarding application. ph 0800 5790501


Inspecta-Shield is a versatile, broad-spectrum, odourless, colourless, multi-use, penetrating, class ‘A’ fire retardant (for interior use only). Inspecta-Shield is non-toxic, non-allergenic and offers superior fire-retardant protection.

Inspecta-Shield Plus is a durable, non-toxic, penetrating, fire retardant. When properly applied, Inspecta-Shield meets or exceeds the criteria for a “Class A” rating on most materials.

  • Treats both natural and synthetic materials.
  • Meets or exceeds governmental criteria for a Class A Fire Retardant on most materials.
  • Is durable – it will not wear off, dry clean out, or bleach out by humidity and it allows fibres to breathe
  • Has a sun shield with a U.V. stabilizer. This drastically reduces sun fading and sun rot and increases decorating options and fabric life.
  • Is visible only under long-wave UV light.
  • Is odourless and colourless.
  • Leaves no uncomfortable residue or unsightly salt rings after treatment.
  • Is non-corrosive to metal when dry.

UL (USA), classified Inspecta-Shield assures a quality-controlled, invisible fire retardant ideally suited for economical commercial treatments of:

  • Natural and synthetic fibres.
  • Upholstery, draperies and carpeting.
  • Decorative products, displays, paper and cardboard.
  • Stage curtains, mattresses and much more.

NZ  Standard for flame retardant fabrics:

  • AS 1530 Part 2 – This is the Australian & NZ Standard for flame-retardant fabrics for use in curtains and drapes.

Flammability Codes

  •  NDFR – Non-Durably Flame-Retardant – These fabrics are chemically treated with a water solution and if wetted in any way should be retreated to meet flammability requirements.
  • DFR – Durably Flame-Retardant – These fabrics are chemically treated to withstand several cleanings.
  • IFR – Inherently Flame-Retardant – These fabrics are woven from fibres that have high flame-retardancy, and in some cases, an additional chemical treatment is added as an extra safeguard.
  • Not FR – Not Flame-Retardant – These fabrics have not had any flame-retardant treatment.

Building Regulations

The 2016 Building regulations now require Wall hangings( curtains etc), in any public space, (such as a restaurant, school, hall, or Shops), to have fire retardant curtains or wall hangings, e.g. flags, fibre cloths, curtains in changing rooms and more. (ask us if you are not sure).

When we fire-retard the fabrics, Curtain Clean provides a 5-year Certificate of Compliance for Fire-retarded fabric materials that are installed in buildings that require fire retarded curtains or hangings to obtain Compliance.

Have your curtains or other items treated before they are installed or while they are here for cleaning.

There are three types of materials; Fire-resistant fabrics that are manufactured and can be made into curtains; naturally fire-retardant materials such as wool; and non-retardant materials.

Natural materials such as cotton, Linen, and other plant-based materials are very flammable so are good candidates for Fire Retarding Treatment.

Our fire retarding treatment can also be applied to other materials such as Tapa cloths, Flax, palm fronds, Moari cloak and feather materials, and those types of materials.

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Protect your assets, house and buildings, yourself and your family by treating your curtains, drapes and blind fabrics with a fire-retardant solution.

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