Care After Curtain Cleaning

Tips for Curtain Re-hanging & Care After Cleaning

When the curtains are returned it is advisable to either re-hang them as soon as practical.
If storage is required, remove them from the plastic wrap and either hang them over a rail or lay them flat.

Thermal backed curtains and curtains with thermal lining can be subject to the backing sticking together if stored improperly.
We powder the thermal to help prevent this (with ordinary baby powder) but storing, either in plastic or with any weight on the curtains, can result in damage. (Curtain Clean cannot be responsible for this).

When rehanging the curtains it pays to reverse the order of the curtains on a window where possible.
Most sets are the same width so by swapping them you can hide the fade caused by the sun or expose new fabric to the sun for a longer life in your curtains.

The fade is always in the center when you remove the curtains.

By swapping them over, the fade goes to the outside and the good edges will come to the middle when you close the curtains.

Before hanging the curtains we suggest that you spray the back of the tracks and the front of the gliders with silicone spray.

This is available from most hardware type stores and is in a spray can. Silicone spray helps the gliders to whisk along the tracks with little to no effort, and saves our clients pulling hard on your curtains. It can be done after the curtains have been rehung as well.

Preventing Mould

  • We recommend reducing the Mould bacteria that is attached to your tracks, window frames and windows and sometimes the walls behind the curtains.
  • Frames, particularly around the rubber seals, will have mould on them. You can help prevent the mould  reinfecting your curtains by thoroughly cleaning windows and frames.
  • We also recommend going over the cleaned surfaces with Janola bleach, or a similar product. Care should be taken not to get these products on curtains or carpets, as damage may result.
  • Another tip to our customers is to ensure there is plenty of space between the curtain and the wall. This helps the airflow and allows the curtains to cool on warm days.

Once hung curtains can take some days days to acclimatize to your environment. This may seem odd, but remember we have washed and dried the curtains. The fibers are different and it may take some use for them to loosen up. Some curtains can appear to be shorter because of this – use will free them up.

Occasionally there will be materials that rise and fall according to the temperature humidity. This is normal for those materials.

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