Often when installing double glazing in the existing window spaces you can end up with blinds that no longer fit within the window frame. Usually by around 30mm. 

If you have either Roller Blinds or Faux Wood Venetian blinds, they can be shortened to fit the new frame. Here at Curtain Clean we can do this for you. 

We can either collect the blinds from your house or you can bring them into our workshop.  

The information that we need is the measurement between each side of the window. 


As sometimes windows are not parallel, please measure this about 50 mm form the top of the frame. See diagram.  

Please write this down for us.  

The cost to cut down each blind starts at $50.00 depending on the size of the blind.  

We also can clean and repair your blind at the same time. 

We can record your blind if needed and we can replace cord locks or tiler mechanisms should that be needed. 

Replacement slats may be available for broken slats. (Depending on the availability of the slat material that matches.) 

For more information please email Curtain Clean at; sales@curtaincleaning.co.nz or call Curtain Clean on 075790501 or 08005790501