There is a preference coming through for warmth and comfort in our colour choices with the aim of bringing nature inspired hues back into the home, whether that be through browns shades, greens or blues, replicating our outdoor landscape.


SUNBAKED ORANGE – We are loving how this colour brings a sense of the Mediterranean to our homes, embodying a wholesome reassuring vibe. Use in decorative elements throughout the home or go large through drapery or wall colour.


LAYERED BROWNS – Move over grey, brown is back in town. Warm and comforting, think of it like a soothing cup of hot milo. With many a brown shade to try, browns are easily paired with neutral shades and can be beautifully contrasted with fresh green indoor plants and foliage.


AMAZON GREEN – Greens in general will play a key role across all palettes, from lush to more retro inspired tranquil tones. Layer greens of varying vibrancy to express a nourishing feel. This can be achieved through accent elements such as bedding, curtains, walls and accessories.

clean tones

CLEAN TONES – Crisp, clear and subdued, think of the lighter hues that can be complemented with more saturated colours.

warm neutrals

WARM NEUTRALS – Neutrals help balance out the more colourful tones and are less invasive. Warmer neutrals are becoming the go to over starker whites.

Thanks to James Dunlop for this article.