You have decided to change your windows and your existing roller blinds no longer fit the window frame.  That’s ok as we can trim your blinds to the right width again. 

What we need now then is some measurements.  

If it is a single blind in a window we need to know the distance across the frame between the sides. Taken at near the top. Window frames are not always straight. 

It the window is divided such as on a ranchslider  then its a bit more complicated. 

If the existing blinds lined up with the breaks in the windows like in the picture below we need to know the measurements as shown below. Normally the blinds would line up with the support. The measurement we need is to the centre of each support. Sometimes, there may be only two blinds but the same rules apply.  

When taking the measurements take a photo and send the photo with the measurements. 

Some times the blinds are fitted outside of the window frame. In that case we need to know the measurements of the frame that the brackets are fitted to. 

Table for measuring:

 Roller Blind Sizes  
Room  Blind # Width of window frameHeight