When you are looking to buy drapes online there are numerous options available. This leads to confusion and with confusion starts the round of discussions, advice and suggestions. Though you may like some of them. The suggestion will always include linen curtains, linen roman blinds, net curtains, sheer curtains, thermal curtains, blackout blinds and similar sorts. Most of them are useless, some come close to what you want and out of blue you may find a suggestion that you will find interesting. Even then the best idea that you find does not tick all the boxes. Therefore, we need a practical approach to select the right curtain design.

All curtain types come with their own set of benefits and limitations. No one window treatment option can suffice all the requirements. You will need a set of permutation and combinations and an eye for custom combinations to make your window treatment stand out and give a professional look. All the fabrics, be it linen, velvet, net, thermal or blackout, have their own advantages. One is economical in one way another one proves to be economical the other way. One lets the light in and the other turns a room into a sound and light proof. In this writeup we are going to talk about different curtains and their different benefits.

Linen Curtains

One of the most-simple yet exclusive look can be achieved by using Linen Curtains, drapes and blinds. Not only these are made of natural flax seeds, they come cheap and are available in multiple colours. They help illuminate the rooms with natural light as linen is a low-density fabric. One of the main advantages of using linen fabric is being able to use it in multiple styles such as linen roman blinds, simple drapes hanging over the wall or a simple free flowing curtain design. With a low maintenance requirement, these are ideal of the modern families that are running short on time. Linen curtains are available in both pure linen and blended linen options.

Blackout Blinds and Thermal Curtains

A Blackout or Thermal Curtain as it’s commonly known blocks sunlight and assist in regulating temperature. These is a special technique that goes behind the manufacturing process of a blackout/thermal curtain/blind. Multiple layers of fabric is sewn one over another with an aim to make the fabric act as an insulator as well as dense enough to ensure light doesn’t pass through them. These ones are ideal in case you have your home near snow caps where there’s plenty of cold and since these are multiple layered they act as a beautiful looking blanket/fleece on your wall and slow down your thermostat requirements. These are available in silk, polyester and blended fabrics.

Net and Sheer Curtains

One of the under-rated fabric is net/sheer/voile. These are a great option for someone who wants to work in budget and still want to steal the show. Primary benefit of using net curtains is the inflow of light that it allows to pass through them. Some of them allow up to 60% passing of natural light which in turns is a saving plan as you won’t need to turn on lights during the day time. Another benefit is openness it brings into the room. One can be inside the house yet feel connected with the outside world with the translucent property of the sheer curtains.

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Thanks to Koikaa for this article.