Do you feel like you’re losing heat from your rooms in the winter months no matter how high you crank the heater? Using the right curtains will result in a warmer, healthier home, and savings on your energy bill.

Are curtains good for insulation?

Absolutely. Curtains reduce the amount of air exchange between a cold window and the rest of the room. For keeping heat inside the home, high quality curtains can reduce heat loss by around 40%, particularly if they are floor length and close to the wall and window panes. The insulation efficiency depends on the fabric type (closed or open weave), colour and weight.

While double-glazing is another effective method of preventing heat loss from windows, curtains and drapes can also make a room look and feel cosier when it’s cold outside, particularly if you choose plush or heavy fabrics.

How to use curtains to insulate your windows

  • Make sure your curtains actually cover your windows and fall as close to the window pane as possible without touching it. Fewer gaps mean less chance for the warm air to escape!
  • Choose an effective insulating fabric with a close weave, such as velvet, suede or heavy silk, instead of light fabrics such as cotton, lace or linen.
  • Close your curtains as soon as it starts to get dark.
  • Add a specialised thermal lining to your curtains for an extra layer of insulation.

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Thanks to Harrisons for this article!