Ever thought about combining blinds and curtains to make your windows even more stunning and energy smart? If done correctly, combining blinds with curtains can bring magic to your windows providing flexibility for styling and design aesthetics. Combining roller shades or other types of blinds with curtains allows more blocking of light and privacy control while also improving heat loss through your windows.
If you want your windows to perform at their best, we’ve put together a few tips on what you should consider.

1. Begin with the blinds

Consider whether you want Rollershades, Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds, Timber Shutters, or another type of blind. Shades that move up and down at the window are especially convenient, especially if you’re looking for blinds that move out of the way easily. Curtains and draperies are much more flexible to work with, so getting the blinds right is an important first step.

2. Don’t feel limited by your window size

A simple way to make your windows feel larger is to fit your blinds for your window and then extend the size of your curtains beyond your window frame. We can fit your curtains to the ceiling and have them extend past the frame and down to the floor. This creates the illusion of a larger window, especially when the curtains are closed, but also helps you to maximise on heat retention at the window.

3. Mix not match
Contrasting colors can look great. For example, a dark-coloured Rollershade can look excellent with a lighter colour drape. If you have curtains with prints, a blind in a solid shade that matches one of the colors on the curtains can look dramatic or elegant.