If you are into interiors, you have no doubt noticed the growing number of cushions, bedding, and upholstery covered in this wondrously tactile fabric. If you are seeking dimension and texture, then bouclé is the fabric for you.

Bouclé – pronounced ‘Boo-clay’ comes from the French word bouclé, meaning “to curl.” With its extremely nubby, looped yarn, this fabric can be used in many applications and although traditionally woven from wool or mohair, it is now produced in cotton, linen and even silk yarns.

Bouclé refers to both the yarn and the fabric made from the yarn. Known for its interesting visual texture and super-soft touch, there is no doubt that this interior textile is in high demand for residential and commercial schemes.

THE BOUCLÉ RESURGENCE: This hardy fabric is most often seen in white or cream and provides a modernity to any space. The soft handle makes it ideal for curved furniture and it is loved by mid-century enthusiasts, while it’s plushness is equally relished by cushion addicts. The current resurgence of bouclé proves the market just loves a super tactical fabric. 

Bouclé also speaks to our current megatrends of nostalgia and escapsim which are a natural evolution of the earlier trends of calm sanctuary and maximalism.

 The Key Points:

  • Highly tactile and dimensional fabrics such as bouclé are extremely popular and are very forgiving once upholstered as their height hides stitching details or visibility of what lies beneath.
  • The bouclé structure suits volumetric, round furniture and is in line with the trend of visual optimism, whilst also having a more feminine design aesthetic.
  • Bouclé speaks to the enduring affinity for 1970s interiors, and suits both maximalist and minimalist inclinations.

Grand Bouclé: Grande Bouclé by Catherine Martin by Mokum is a weighty and dimensional bouclé upholstery, influenced by our nostalgia for the 1970s. Woven in Italy in a mix of natural and synthetic fibres, Grande Bouclé has a soft, luxurious handle and tailored finish. The light acyclic backing adds further weight and prevents movement on loose cushions. Grande Bouclé has been coloured in three perfect neutrals and is part of our forthcoming Catherine Martin for Mokum collection, inspired by her current film project.

STAUNCH: Staunch extends the colour palette of James Dunlop’s Atmosphere, from the Fusion collection. This yarn dyed bouclé offers soft tactility and dimension to both lineal and curved furniture frames. Woven in 100% polyester with FibreGuard technology, Staunch achieves local FR ratings and has been carefully coloured to transition across residential and commercial palettes. The colourline pairs sophisticated neutrals with autumnal tones borrowed from nature.

Fleece: Fleece by James Dunlop explores our symbiotic relationship with the land. Inspired by the abundance of sheep roaming our plains, this tactile upholstery replicates New Zealand’s revered woollen fleece in a 100% synthetic composition. Nature has been the great unifier and healer in a period of upheaval, and with its dense curled pile Fleece offers a sense of comfort perfectly suited to curvaceous furniture, allowing one to cocoon within the home. 

Alpine: Alpine fuels our tactile love affair, offering an accessible bouclé solution that is trend driven and highly practical. Woven in a blend of synthetic fibre and developed in an extensive palette of comprehensive neutrals and rich decorative shades, Alpine is inspired by the colours of New Zealand. Volcanic neutrals, warms shades of tussock and snow-capped mountains, sun baked clay and burnt orange sit alongside mineral blues and greens referencing New Zealand’s dense forest. Alpine suits both minimalist and maximalist schemes with endless specification opportunities. 

Entwine: Entwine reflects on the rough volcanic-like finishes demonstrated in Parker’s stemmed bowls series. This heavily textured plain retains a soft handle with the texture and dimension emphasized by cross-dyed colourways.