As global colour trends evolve, our unique New Zealand landscapes compel a reinvestigation into how colour is interpreted in our homes and lifestyles. Three homegrown brands have collaborated to provide insight into how top colour trends for 2021 are interpreted within the New Zealand lifestyle and design ethos. 

“A rolling organic shape that defies seating, hand crafted with the use of modern machinery to create furniture on a global scale”

New Zealand designed and manufactured, the Harper Chair by David Shaw is the canvas upon which these colour trends are explored. Made to order at their design house in Christchurch, the Harper chair draws its inspiration from the natural lines of our landscapes. Its organic shape emulating the natural movements and shapes of New Zealands beloved coastal regions and mountains. Constructed from sustainable timbers, the Harper chair holds the colours and texture of the Vintage Deux by Mokum velvet fabric beautifully, reflecting the truest essence of the colours in question.

 “Colour trends inspired by our New Zealand landscapes, bringing calm and comfort”

While nature itself has long been a common inspiration for home décor, in New Zealand this is particularly true as we are heavily influenced by our diverse and striking surroundings. Globally trending colours, blues, greens and blacks are epitomised in our unique tonal variations that can be found in our native forests, extensive coastlines and high country landscapes.

New Zealand Summer Colour Forecast 2021

The Harper Chair in Mokum Vintage Deux, colour Atlantic – inspiration coasts

Blue is welcoming and soothing and can take on many characteristics. Resene Helix is the perfect blend of green & stone grey, pushing the limits of the traditional, egg shell blue. In our lives full of busyness and interruptions, the use of blue helps us filter out the noise and bring a sense of calm. New Zealand being surrounded by water also alters our use of blue, giving us a more extensive palette of blues across the colour spectrum to resonate with. This is reflected in Mokum’s velvet, Vintage Deux, ranging from Sky blue to Atlantic and a deep Ink blue, all holding the hallmarks of our New Zealand blues. Pair these array of blues with top trending emeralds such as Resene Atlas and explore the further depths of the ocean. Soften with a timeless, neutral base of Resene White Pointer.

New Zealand Summer Colour Forecast 2021

The Harper Chair in Mokum Vintage Deux, colour Bamboo – inspiration forests

Green continues to flourish and brooding forest greens such as the the electric Resene Untamed and the deep, Resene Karaka are among the most popular trending hues. Green vibrates a calming energy within interior spaces – creating a sense of bringing the outdoors in. Vintage Deux reflects this trend with its palette focussed heavily on green. Including a mix of emerald and yellow based green shades and more mineral tones, alongside teals. These earthy greens, observed in the hues within our forests and bushlands, provide a serene backdrop to New Zealand homes, while still evoking interest or contrast within interior schemes. Complement your green hues with golden, marmalade oranges such as Resene Bi Hoki and celebrate the many vibrant colours of nature.

New Zealand Summer Colour Forecast 2021

The Harper Chair in Mokum Vintage Deux, colour Black Truffle – inspiration mountains

Dark and dramatic colours have captured the imaginations of courageous colour lovers seeking a refreshingly different look to bring into their interiors. New Zealand interiors generally interpret black through a dusky lens, with charcoals such as Resene Porter taking on a smoother, smokier edge. Resene Coffee Break celebrates a gentle blend of brown and taupe while stone greys such as Resene Grey Area are warmed with a touch of ochre. Black, the colour for all seasons, has been interpreted in New Zealand as a reflection of our high country, dusky mountain landscape to our strong volcanic underbelly. Reflected in the hues within the Mokum velvets Dove Grey, Graphite and Silver. While the stronger obsidian-based volcanic blacks are also coming through, referenced in the velvets black Truffle and Lacquer.

“The global trend toward the bolder, colourful and tactile maximalism has been calmed in New Zealand through our strong and resilient nature-inspired ethos”

Influenced by New Zealand landscapes, our sense of colour, form and tactility is uniquely homegrown and Kiwi at its heart.  From our beautiful mountain ranges such as the Southern Alps, to the tranquillity of the old growth Kauri forests or the joy of our diverse coastline, beauty and inspiration surrounds us and infuses our sense and expectations of how we experience colours in everyday life.

Written by James Dunlop