Here is a fun and easy way to reuse a plastic bottle! These are the basic instructions for creating a plastic bottle planter. Creative fun for the kids and recycling those plastic bottles? We call that a win-win.

They look adorable with succulents (cactus or herbs would also work) and chances are the planters will last for a while.

You’ll need:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Sharpie
  • Acrylic paint & brushes
  • Pencil (for sketching details)
  • Scissors
  1. Use the sharpie to mark out the shape of your animal on the bottle.
  2. With scissors roughly cut out your shapes. After the top of the bottle is removed go back around and clean up the edges. Wipe clean (make sure bottle is clean and dry).
  3. Paint the bottle with chosen shade of acrylic paint, this will take several coats. Tip: use a hair dryer to speed drying between coats. Spray paint made for plastic can be used if you already have a can at home.
  4. Once dry, use the pencil to sketch the eyes, mouth, and other details, and paint over with your desired colours.
  5. Fill with soil and your favourite succulents. These also make cute containers to keep anything in (pencils, food, toys, beads) as well as colourful décor for your kids’ room.

A vase of flowers sitting on a table

Description automatically generatedWe hope you enjoyed our tutorial and if you make a one we would love to see a picture!