Price Chart

Price Chart

Curtain cleaning prices are based on height, the number of panels in the curtain and the type of materials to be cleaned and any non normal features.

How to work out your cost to clean.
1. First determine the type of material in the curtains. Check for any non-standard features such as goblets or pet hair. Decide the category that your curtains come into. See curtain types on the Curtain Types page via the main menu.
2. Count the number of panels in the curtains. See curtain measurement guide below.
3. Measure the height of the curtains. See curtain measurement guide below.
4. Go to price chart. Select Category and height and multiply the price by the number of panels.
5. Allow extras such as freight.
6. Call us if you need help. Ph. 0800 5790501

Curtain Measurement Guide
Curtains are constructed of panels, usually the width of the material off the roll.
These panels are sewn together to form the curtain and each panel is called ‘a drop”, so a curtain can have from one up to any number of drops and may have part drops. A full drop maybe from1200mm to 1500mm wide.

Measuring a drop

To count the drops they are best counted by checking along the hem at the back of the curtain for the number of seams that run from the hem to the top of the curtain.
Where the curtains have no discernible vertical joins, measure the width of the curtain at the bottom hem and divide by 1400mm.

The vertical measurement is from the bottom of the curtain to the top and we price in 500mm intervals, i.e. up to 500mm, up to 1.0 meters, up to 1.5mtr, up to 2.0 meter and so on.

So, to estimate the price to have your drape cleaned you will need to determine which category the curtains fall into, the vertical height and the number of drops to be cleaned. From this information you can look at the price chart and determine the estimate.

Curtain Cleaning Prices

Having trouble?

Feel free to give us a call on 07 579 0501 and we can help you work out which type you have. Alternatively, fill out the form below and we will get in touch.

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