Style trends you need to know about for 2022

The 22 interior trends we’ll be seeing everywhere this year

1. Taste of Morocco

moroccan style

Warm saturated colour palettes, oodles of texture and intricate detailing are inspirations drawn from the North African nation. Rebecca Jones, design manager for Adairs, says to look out for Moroccan textiles and textural embroidery. Team them with decorative tiling, intricate lantern pendants and bright clashing colours to immerse yourself in this beautifully opulent style.

2. Cuddle in

“Plump styled interiors are squishy, cuddly and comforting,” says Laura Heynike, director of Pocketspace Interiors. Think round, curvy and wavy shapes with soft and organic materials in hues of mellow caramel, raspberry and chocolate. Davina Harper, Dulux colour specialist agrees, “Interiors are rich and sensual with essential depth. A decadent look reflects our mood since the pandemic with hyper-feminine aspects in curves and sumptuous materials.”

3. Finger tiles

finger tiles

You might know them by their other name; Kit Kat tiles. This style of tile, slim and petite, adds colour and texture to a space without overpowering it. Prepare to see many more of these on kitchen splashbacks or in the bathroom.

4. Home office

“Work from home is here to stay, in some way, shape or form,” says Dulux’s Davina Harper. So, expect to see the WFH office go from a small desk squished awkwardly in the corner of the living room, to a dedicated workspace with colour, and style to ensure the right mood and ambience for a proper nine-to-five slog.

5. Locally made

The last two years of lockdowns have encouraged us to appreciate local makers. Davina says, “As we emerge from a time of pause, we evaluate our lives and ask – what is really essential? We have a new-found appreciation for good design and choose to surround ourselves with things that are not just beautiful but enhance our wellbeing.”

locally made

6. Mixed patterns

“For 2022, we are seeing patterns in fabrics that we haven’t seen for a long time,” explains Davina, “Think chequered patterns and quaint florals in surprising and fun colour combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns together to give the space an eclectic feel.”

7. Pastels

Playful sherbet and ice-cream inspired hues such as cornflower blue, lilac, lemon and blush are here to remind us not to take life too seriously, says Davina. Team with cream and soft-patterned throws or give them some edge with black and darker coloured accents.

8. Ikebana florals

We’ve transitioned from dried florals to their antithesis: vibrant and sculptural ikebana-inspired arrangements. The Japanese art form is traditionally minimalistic, but in its modern context, vibrant colours dominate in a more eccentric sculptural arrangement. Look to Hattie Molloy and Floral Stylist’s Sue Cameron, for inspiration.

tiled furniture

9. Tiled furniture

Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube are filled with excellent examples of how versatile this trend is, and how simple it is to DIY. From bedside tables to hallway consoles and even office desks, the world is your oyster. The only caveat: these pieces need to be boxy and uniform to be able to be covered entirely in square tiles.

10. Large format tiles

If you’re looking to renovate or build, consider large format tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, not only for their elegant look but also for ease of installation. “Large-format tiles eliminate the amount of grout required and give a serious wow-factor to almost any space,” says John Ryan, owner of Tonic Tile Lounge.

11. Fake fruit

Think not of the kitsch plastic fruit sitting in your local butcher or fishmonger’s window in decades past, the 2022 interior trend of fake fruit comes in the form of ceramic, glass and wax. A decidedly more elegant iteration.

12. Feature lampshades

We might be able to thank the rise of Cottagecore for igniting this particular trend, but it’s extended well beyond your grandma’s floral lamp restyled for a modern interior. On-trend lamps have one of two things; a shapely top or a sculptural base, and sometimes both.

13. Reeded glass

Texture is going to be big this year, but in more than just textiles and furniture. This trend extends to materials you wouldn’t normally think of being able to provide textural interest. Reeded glass has a corrugated surface, which provides a beautiful contemporary surface to both look at and touch.

14. Coloured glass

There’s no greater way to bring colour to a table or shelf than with coloured glass. And with colour on the rise, there’s no better time to jump on this trend. Plus, coloured glass pieces cast the most beautiful shadows.

coloured glass

15. Indoor trees

Connection to nature is becoming more important as we spend more time indoors at home. Not only will we be looking to greens, browns and earthy hues to help bring a sense of the outdoors in, but we’ll also be looking for indoor trees to bring this connection home even further.

16. Ancient Greece and Rome

Graeco-Roman interior style is opulent and grand with a dedicated palette of neutral tones and brass accents. Increasingly, interiors have been borrowing motifs and shapes that hark back to ancient Greece and Rome. Look for pillars and plinths on which candles and busts can sit, soft drapey curtains, and coffee tables made from marble or stone.

17. Glass walls

The rise of glass partitions is a culmination of our need for open-plan spaces and, more recently as a result of working from home, our need to create separate ‘zones’. A glass wall offers the best of both worlds – and is the best way to let natural light flow into the home.

18. Curved kitchen islands

Curves are a recurring trend. What started with rounded vases and candlestick holders has progressed to curved furniture and has even branched off into its own ‘plump’ style (see, ‘Cuddle in’). So, it’s only natural that this style has also found its way into structural, more permanent pieces for the home, too. In the kitchen, this comes in the form of curved kitchen islands. Whether the island is just rounded at one end, both, or even sports a wave for the extra adventurous, it’s a sure-fire way to add personality to the space.

19. Vintage hunting

Many of the trends popping up reflect a retro style, and pieces with these looks – travertine coffee tables, rattan chairs, pleated lamps, ceramics and glass – have brought the op-shop treasure hunters into the limelight. Follow @overusedstore, @sundaymarketstore, @mrhomebody, @herharvest, to name a few, for inspiration.


20. Arches

Remember when we talked about curves? Well, here they are again. This time manifesting as arches in doorways, bookshelves and mirrors. This arm of the trend succeeds in creating visual contrast because most of our living spaces are linear and rectangular. Arches are also a popular choice for hallways and corridors, giving this transitional and often ordinary space an aesthetically visual quality.

21. Crazy floors

You’ll most likely recognise this type of f ooring as an outdoor paving option. However, with the revival of ’70s style and an increased need to be connected to nature indoors, it’s inched its way inside too. Choose this as a flooring option for your entryway, or even in a bathroom.

70's revival

22. ’70s & ’80s revival

The ’70s and ’80s were times of outrageous creativity, colour and pattern. And, after a period of grey-on-white Scandi-minimalism, it looks as if we’re ready to reignite our love of ’70s glamour touches, bold ’80s geometric patterns, saturated hues and, most importantly, items with soul.

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